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Greenfield Dental Health Group

The Greenfield Dental Health Group is comprehensive dental care office that focuses on providing outstanding customer service, and that views its office culture and relationships with patients as major strengths. Dr. Ryan Greenfield directed us to reflect these characteristics, along with professional excellence and creativity, in his practice’s marketing.

This is far easier said than done. The Ontario Dental Association has vague, but strict, rules about marketing dental practices. Essentially, no practice is allowed to market itself in a way that makes it appear to be at all superior to any other dental practice. That means no references to expertise, training, quality of care, convenience, price, equipment, or anything that might – even loosely – imply that the treatment or care a patient receives at one practice would be better than another.

Thus far, our approach has been to emphasize the importance of proper oral care in general, and linking these ideas back to the branding and website we designed for Dr. Greenfield. Because of the ODA restrictions, building a stronger brand for the Greenfield Dental Health Group is going to be a strategic, but somewhat plodding, process. On the upside, Dr. Greenfield, his new partner Dr. Rachelle Blue, his office consultants, and support staff are all easy to work with, and are committed to continuously improving the quality of care and overall experience provided by the Greenfield Dental Health Group.