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Haldimand & Norfolk Seniors Partnership

The Haldimand & Norfolk Seniors Partnership Project hired Mike and Adam to create a campaign that addressed the unique challenges related to aging faced by individuals who have a developmental disability and their families, and also promoted the services of the partnering agencies that provide supports to these individuals.

Historically speaking, these individuals would receive their primary support from their parents throughout their lives. Longer life expectancies have led to some parents developing their own special needs as they age, often requiring their own outside support networks. Clearly, this poses several challenges for families, especially in rural communities.

The campaign launch event included local artists, who were invited to partner with an individual who received supports from one of the agencies to create an original work of art. The pieces were sold at a live auction that was open to the public. The sales raised over $10,000, but more importantly, made the participants feel like stars while raising awareness of important health and economic challenges. The event was so successful, the Seniors Partnership received an Innovation Award from Community Living Ontario.

Subsequent projects were also popular, including special awareness and inclusion nights at local hockey games, information distribution and networking, building an exhibit for the Simcoe Christmas Panorama, and specialized training. Barber & Veri Inc. is so proud of its ongoing associated with this remarkable partnership, and grateful for all the wonderful friendships we’ve made because of the projects we’ve had the opportunity to do.